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For the third year in a row, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology has allowed Classic Homes to host the Partnership Fund and the parents of Freshmen and new students for a discussion with our President and TJ Alum, Vivek Puri. Thomas Jefferson High School is within the top ten high schools in the Nation and has, year after year, produced classes that are at a 100% college readiness. To understand why Vivek has a unique insight into what students can achieve while at Thomas Jefferson and beyond, some context about his time at TJ is necessary. While a student at TJ, Vivek was not initially at the top of his class. It took him some time to get comfortable and start finding his own path. Vivek was not in the pool of the students who immediately knew their course of study and excelled from the start. He was in the same situation as majority of students when they start, not knowing where exactly they are going but hoping they find their way while still feeling the pressures of applying and gaining acceptance into a prestigious school. Most parents and incoming students feel this same type of uneasiness once they get started at Thomas Jefferson. Fast forward to his final year at TJ and Vivek was preparing for his undergraduate career at Cornell University (and would go on to Harvard and MIT as well). Now, as a father and former student, Vivek loves the chance to speak with parents and help them understand that the challenges and opportunities that will be presented to their children at TJ and beyond will be challenging but each student has their own way of working through them and will come out as a better student and most importantly, prepared for college and their lives beyond.

Vivek is an excellent example of not only what students go through during their tenure at TJ but what can be achieved in their careers beyond academia. His success in academics transferred seamlessly into a successful business. Vivek learned and grew his family business while keeping it within the community where he grew up. Thomas Jefferson was integral in the continued success of Classic Homes and plays a special role in the development of the company each year. Classic employs a summer internship program and recently had a TJ student intern, who continued working closely with Vivek beyond the summer months, and has started his first year at MIT to study mechanical engineering this past August. We look forward to the next Career Fair in the spring as we reach out to more students and potentially inspire future careers. The team at Classic Homes is grateful for the opportunity to share their academic experiences with the community and thanks Thomas Jefferson High School in helping to keep their roots firmly planted where it all began.



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