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The interior of your home should reflect you, your family, your style and your lifestyle. Some people think the only one who could accurately execute such a personal statement is the homeowner.

But that’s not entirely accurate. An interior designer is trained in learning a client’s taste—and not just from what he or she says, but from unspoken clues. A decorator also has far more experience in a broad range of styles, incorporating more colors, furnishings, and appointments than most homeowners will ever see first-hand in their lifetime.

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, you might be great at decorating your own home. You have the vision, the tools, and the skills to pull it off.

Here’s something else to consider: Do you have the time?

If your room or home makeover isn’t on a tight schedule, maybe you can “DIY” it. But if you intend to sew the curtains and pillows, paint the walls, recover the chairs, and maybe refinish a table or two, determine how long that will take—not including poking through stores, thrift shops, and flea markets to find just the right treasures. (I know, that’s the best part, right?)

The investment in an interior designer comes at a price. You could pay anywhere from $75 an hour, to several hundred. But what you get is a knowledgeable professional who can quickly assess your needs and provide guidance. The skilled decorator can prevent you from making costly mistakes, and steer you to some great values. She can also introduce you to styles and colors you might never consider on your own, but realize they’re perfect for your home.

At Classic Homes, we appreciate that your home needs to have that “just right” feeling, inside and out. Hiring a professional to achieve that vision, even for a consultation, is a great investment in your much bigger investment!

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