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Finding the perfect location for your new house is a big step. Now that you can see the view from your home-to-be, the dream feels closer. What’s next?

The process of moving from the purchase of your homesite to moving into your new home can be a long and winding road—unless you choose a builder who has successfully navigated down that path many, many times. Here are some of the steps ahead of you:

Plan your new home’s design.

You probably have an idea, but now that you have a homesite, you’ll work with a builder to make sure the design fits well on the land and make any adjustments in the details. A land engineer will create a grading plan that shows how your home will be sited on the property.

Arrange your financing.

Next, you’ll need to secure a construction-to-permanent loan to finance the building. This loan pays the builder in installments during the construction and then converts to a conventional mortgage when the home is ready to occupy. This option requires only one closing, as opposed to two closings (and costs) with a short-term construction loan and then a conventional mortgage. Classic Homes works with reliable, trusted lenders who provide competitive rates.

Obtain permits.

A building permit is required before building can be started. A qualified homebuilder can handle this process with ease, because they understand the requirements before submitting any plans. Most of the home plans offered by Classic Homes, for example, have been pre-approved in many counties, so the permits can be obtained in just a few days.

Let the builder build.

When Classic Homes is building on your lot, we welcome your contractors or you can choose from one of ours. We’ll handle the construction and any inspections required along the way. Throughout the construction process, you should expect regular updates from your contractor without having to ask for them.

Classic Homes has been building homes throughout Northern Virginia for more than 30 years. Our build-on-your-lot expertise gives our homeowners the peace of mind that every detail is addressed with care, so you avoid the delays and cost overruns that come with someone who is still on the learning curve.

Contact Classic Homes to start exploring your homebuilding options!

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