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Multi-generational living is on the rise. Whether you’re welcoming one of your grown children back home or giving elderly family members the comfort of aging in place, households need a new type of home to accommodate the uniqueness of this lifestyle.

Our homeowners love our level of customization, which allows us to build the right home for them in a beautiful, well established neighborhood. We take a hands-on approach with our homeowners to better understand their needs—both now and in the future. Will anyone else be living in the home? Permanently, periodically for long stretches of time, or occasionally? How long will they be staying? What needs do they have now? How will any of these answers change 5 and 10 years from now?  

At Classic Homes, we understand that every homeowner has different needs. We offer a variety of solutions, so we try to help you determine the one that best meets your needs, now and as things change. And we try to do so in a way that makes later changes relatively easy without spending too much now (e.g., put a kitchen rough-in behind the walls of a room that will eventually become an aging parent’s suite). We call that “future proofing”.

A first-floor master suite has grown in popularity as a result of this multi-generational living trend. A bedroom with ample space to sit and relax provides a quiet retreat—with room to keep personal items where you can continue to see and enjoy them. A full bath and large closets create the sense of having a private living area, and not just a bedroom. And if that space is not needed yet, some creative non-structural wall and window placement can leave you that option for later while letting you enjoy that space today.

We offer various ways to convert existing plans to support multi-generational living.  We are also developing a new floorplan that incorporates this concept from the start, and the first drafts look amazing. This plan, which will be released late this summer is a collaboration with the president of Classic Homes and a superstar intern from TJHSST (Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology)—who, we are proud to say, just got into MIT.

Another unique approach to an increasingly popular feature we offer is “future proofing” with elevators. While the elevator itself can be a larger investment, we can cost-effectively build an elevator shaft now, and a homeowner can have the elevator installed when it makes sense. Until an actual elevator is needed, that space can function as a walk-in closet.

At Classic Homes, we like to look ahead with our homeowners, so that the home we build now is going to be the right place and the right space for many years to come. We have a lot of experience building homes that are designed for a wide variety of lifestyles and situations. We know each homeowner is different and each home should reflect that. Our plans are often customized to fit the needs for a multi-generational buyer, no matter what that looks like. For more information about multi-generational living and Classic Homes’ unique approach to customization, contact us today!

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