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A remodel is exciting. The “before” and “after” comparison is a testament to the power of creative design and skillful execution.

Before you launch yourself into high levels of creativity, we have a few remodeling tips for lasting results—so that you don’t grow tired of your new look or regret some of the decisions you make.

Keep calm.

Be careful of choosing bold colors for your walls, unless you have experience living with those hues. It can be overpowering, and you might grow tired of your choice before too long. Instead, choose calm colors that frame the room without defining it. If you want to go bold, do it with your decorative accents and furnishings, which are easier to change up.

Add windows.

The natural light that shines through windows is always a pleasant addition to a room. Today’s energy-efficient windows will open up a room without letting out your heat or cool air.

Think functionally.

No matter what room you’re planning to remodel, consider how you would best use that space. Where will your furniture go? Do you need additional storage built into the design? What is the traffic pattern going to be, and will you have ample clearance to use the room the way you plan?

Invest in durability.

There’s a reason that some items and materials cost more than others. Durability is worth the money. If you’ve ever had to replace flooring that didn’t stand up to normal wear and tear, you know how much it costs to skimp on certain purchases. The same is true for other finishes, like countertops, cabinetry, and wallcoverings.

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