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Why Build With Classic Homes?
What makes Classic Homes different? At Classic Homes, we’ve been building semi-custom single-family homes and townhomes throughout Northern Virginia area for over 30 years. That’s over 1800 homes! But more importantly, it’s over 1800 families. Families who confidently trusted us to build their homes.

As a family-owned business, building a rapport of trust with our customers is the key to our success. We love building homes, and we want our customers to be able to enjoy the home building experience, too. We want them to trust that we know what we’re doing, that we’re building their homes in a way that fits their lifestyle and culture best. We do this in a variety of ways…

Many years of experience. Classic Homes has spent decades building and maintaining a good reputation in Northern Virginia.  We have deep roots in the community; we were born and raised in Fairfax County and haven’t left since we started building in 1983! We employ skilled craftsmen and we maintain good business practices with our contractors and vendors. We are a builder you can trust with your family’s dream.

Customer-friendly processes. Because we listen to our customers with the intention of understanding their wants and needs, we’ve developed systems and processes that make sense when working with families of all shapes, sizes, and cultures. These systems work because they’re developed from decades of experiences working with families. We’ve also created a collection of pre-approved designs and flexible floor plans that give our customers a clear starting point. From there, we can discuss custom options, and create a truly unique home.

Our team. Classic Homes has a professional, personable team that knows how to make buyers feel comfortable. We listen, understand, and put our buyers at ease, helping identify what needs they have and what they want in a new home. Every idea, question, thought and request is taken into consideration with a kind heart and open mind. This close relationship allows us to build them a home with a personal touch, a home that’s tailored just for them.

Quality and value. Our owners are engineers, so we’re firm believers in the value of quality construction! The better we build each home today, the more value our homeowners get out of it for generations to come. Our efficient building processes also mean our homes are reasonably priced, and include affordable customization options.

Design expertise. Classic Homes offers a Design Center well stocked with the latest flooring, cabinets, countertops, appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures. Our Design Coordinators are trained to assist buyers with selections, and homeowners also have the opportunity to meet directly with the electrician to discuss electrical needs like lighting, outlet placement, and custom wiring options.

Our Locations. Building new semi-custom homes exactly where our customers want to live is at the core of our business. Our established Build On Your Lot program helps buyers save money, especially if they want to build where they already live! They can use the equity in the existing home to help finance their new home, while avoiding worries about having to sell the existing home. And they get to build a home customized to fit their needs and desires. If buyers are looking to live in a community, they can feel confident knowing we build homes in locations just as carefully and with the same degree of quality, flexibility and customization as those built on their lot. This peace of mind ensures buyers that no matter where we’re building their new home, it will be perfectly designed and built with them in mind.

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