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Classic Homes lends its support to the local community.

Supporting Our Community

Classic Homes is a local business that was founded on family values and is currently family operated, so we understand the importance of giving back to our community. At Classic Homes, our strong sense of community is highlighted by the fact that we live and work in the area. We are part of the community that we helped shape, and enjoy being involved and a central part of VA home builders giving back.

Our work is personal because we take pride in the homes we build that will forever be a part of the Northern Virginia communities that we love and live in.

When it comes to giving back, we know that it’s all about supporting what we love in the area that we live in. Our neighborhoods are our livelihoods!

Some events we’ve done to show we’re giving back and giving a little love to our communities:

  • Thomas Jefferson High School Fundraiser. Classic Homes was proud to host a reception for the incoming freshman at Thomas Jefferson High School. Being a part of Thomas Jefferson High’s Partnership Fund has enabled Classic Homes to be an integral part of helping our children succeed in Northern Virginia.
  • Sponsoring Little League. We love baseball at Classic Homes! That’s why we give back to the children of our area by sponsoring many little league teams, including local teams in Woodbridge and Stafford to help continue the love of baseball and encourage physical activity among our kids in addition to social growth and learning.
  • Supporting Local Preschools. By sponsoring a 5K race for Kinhaven School, Classic Homes was able to share our passion of being an active part of promoting education among children. The community’s families and friends ran to show their support and raise funds for Kinhaven. Classic Homes believes in giving back where it counts, especially when it comes to education for our children.

Classic Homes values the Northern Virginia community and is proud to be one of the VA semi-custom home builders giving back. We look forward to even more opportunities to support and encourage the growth and well-being of Northern Virginia.

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